Try OnDemand and win an iPad!

You might already know that Quest’s subsidiary ScriptLogic is hosting an evaluation contest for OnDemand trial users. If you happen to be one of the first 75 participants who subscribed to one of the OnDemand services and provided the evaluation feedback you’ll be rewarded with a 50$ Amazon gift card. Completing the survey takes 5 minutes of your time yet helps us set the right priorities for the future product development.

Provide thorough and fair feedback about any of the OnDemand products and you’ll participate in a draw to win one of the 2 iPads!

I think that I’ll share one hint with you here – your chances will double if you provide feedback about both of the OnDemand services: OnDemand Recovery for AD and OnDemand Log Management.

Feel free to provide any likes and dislikes about OnDemand and we won’t make you wait for too long until your feedback find its way into the product.


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