A better way to do custom reporting

As the year wraps up and the Christmas Eve rapidly approaches we’re making some exciting updates to the OnDemand Log Management we want you to hear about.

We’re pleased to offer a brand new custom reporting functionality that not only allows you to run any of the pre-defined reports but also build your own with the same ease.

The new export to PDF feature came to replace the old way of reporting that is now gone as is the Reports tab where you’d previously find it. Check out this short video that shows the new and straightforward process of building custom reports based on favorite searches. Now it literally takes the same amount of time as the video runs.

Wait, we’ve got some more news for you.

If you take a closer look to the home page of the product you’ll notice that it now contains another chart which lets you quickly assess the state of alerts you configured for your environment. Here is the sample screenshot of the Top Alerts chart:

Lucky owners of the commercial service subscription get another handy tool. With a help of Events by Time chart you can do basic trend analysis and watch for unusual event peaks. Here is a sample of this chart as well.

Both new charts have interactive features and drill down capability which instantly sets you up for further investigation.

We look forward to continuing expanding the product feature set throughout the next year.

Happy holidays!


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