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Webinar: Anatomy of an Insider Threat

February 27, 2015

Here is a link to another blockbuster we did with Randy Franklin Smith.

In this episode we track down a real world security incident that reveals unauthorized access and disclosure of sensitive data residing on a file server. Randy shows how this would be done with native Windows tools. Then I pull the curtain from IT Search, our most recent invention and feature added to Dell InTrust.

Highly recommended for security managers, IT admins, data analysts and anybody who deals with enterprise security firsthand.




Top 10 Reports for Your Windows Server Environment

February 20, 2015

“Have you hugged your Active Directory today?”

That wouldn’t make much of a bumper sticker I suppose, but you could say that the health and happiness of your Active Directory were top of mind for us when we packed more than 140 reports into Enterprise Reporter. Continue reading here.

Dell InTrust featured in eWeek

January 22, 2015

Sean Michael Kerner wrote a column Dell InTrust Aims to Accelerate Security Discovery in the recent issue of eWeek. It features InTrust and highlights some of the new capabilities added to the latest 11.0 release.

I think that Sean captured the essence of this pivotal release. Here is a good quote:

InTrust 11.0’s enhanced IT search facility enables users to search different types of IT data from a single Web interface. Among the things that the IT search can help discover are answers to user activity questions, including understanding who has access to data, how the access was obtained and how the access was used.

InTrust 11.0 with its IT Search component does go beyond unstructured textual data in its conventional sense.  So, now not only you can search for a needle in the haystack of logs faster.  You can also make sense of all this data by putting it in a context of users, permissions and changes that make the picture of user activity so much clearer.

InTrust 11.0 is unveiled

January 20, 2015

I am so excited to witness the birth of a wholly new product!

InTrust 11.0 is not just another major version update. With its IT Search feature it has a lot more to offer customers that face security challenges, struggle with IT compliance requirements or just sink in the ridiculous amounts of disparate IT data.

I want to give a big applause to everybody who made this release possible: development teams, marketing, support and everybody who supported the idea from its very inception. I am so happy to partake in building of the future.

As always, great talent and excellent execution yields innovative products.


Webinar: Top 10 Windows and AD Security Reports

December 4, 2014

Recently, I had a chance to co present on a webinar with the widely recognized security expert Randy Franklin Smith. The topic was “Top 10 Windows and AD Security Reports”.

In the modern Windows enterprise management world with PowerShell, remote management and configurable GUI the task of automated reporting can be easily underestimated. In this webinar Randy and I show how seemingly easy reports turn into quite a lot of scripting time and knowledge. I then show how Dell Enterprise Reporter easily addresses the same challenges with built-in customizeable reports and embedded knowledge of Windows infrastructure.

The recording is available through the Dell web site 

Highly recommended for companies and IT professionals that deal with compliance audits, security assessments and want to streamline their day-to-day reporting processes.

Custom InTrust add-in for reporting on DNS debug logs

October 27, 2011

I’m pleased to announce the availability of another custom InTrust add-in extending the product reach to new types of logs. This add-in continues a series of out of band solutions we make available to the InTrust customers outside of the official product release.

This time it’s the add-in that let’s you collect debug logs generated by Microsoft DNS servers.

Continue here.

An enterprise without central IT

July 22, 2010

This week I attended Cloud for the Enterprise Event event held by Amazon in Los Angeles, CA.

Having gathered around 50 ITPros and execs the event was purposed to show enterprise readiness of Amazon IaS cloud services collectively called AWS. Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels together with a band of product evangelists and lineup of AWS customers did a series of presentations which explained why Amazon is ready to accomodate enterprises:

  • Werner Vogels elaborated how recently introduced EC2 spot instances helped Amazon achieve one of the highest in the industry rates of server utilization which won’t blow out  your hosted services when “the Christmas day comes”.
  • Jerry Hunter, VP of Amazon Corporate IT, revealed that the company was undergoing a massive migration of all of its business critical IT services to the AWS infrastructure
  • Recently hired security super star Steve Riley brought even more confidence in AWS by telling how serious Amazon treats security of its services on all levels starting from access control to physical data centers and going all the way up to network segments isolation and VPC.
  • Customer representatives from different industries and verticals shared successful case studies of applying AWS to a variety of high demand and long durability business workloads including media distribution at MGM, image recognition by NASA JPL, multimedia content publishing at VMIX and even patient data exchange by Nimbus Health.

The common motto that I’m sure stayed in everybody’s head after the event was that Amazon IaS cloud has proven to be scalable, secure and cost efficient platform that will continue to revolutionize the way enterprises do IT today. Although it was hard to persuade myself that the world in its entirety is ready to embrace this new age of computing now I tend to believe that we’re gradually getting to this new order.

Here are a couple of inspiring quotes that I captured from the speakers:

Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO: “We’ve been innovating so fast that customers asked us to hold off”

Steve Riley, Amazon security evangelist: “Can you imagine that one day you’ll wake up in the world without central IT where the only thing that you plug in the office is a Cisco router?”

Jinesh Varia, Amazon technology evangelist, “Design for failures and nothing will fail”

Event Log Management as a Service

May 12, 2010

One of the exciting projects I’ve been involved in at Quest is the whole SaaS initiative called Quest OnDemand in general and Event Log Management Service built on top of it and named InTrust OnDemand in particular. InTrust OnDemand was first announced at the PDC in the end of 2009. Now the service is in the limited beta and applications can be submitted through

Dmitry Sotnikov did an excellent job white boarding the OnDemand framework architecture and performing a live demo of it. Inspired by his demo and videos like this I thought it would make sense to record a  5 minute walkthrough of InTrust OnDemand that would give an idea what the service is to those of you awaiting the beta application being approved.

Here is what I came up with after endless attempts to narrate a good enough voice without too much of the accent and background noise. Still leaves much to be desired but hopefully hits the goal. You be the judge.