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InTrust 11.0 is unveiled

January 20, 2015

I am so excited to witness the birth of a wholly new product!

InTrust 11.0 is not just another major version update. With its IT Search feature it has a lot more to offer customers that face security challenges, struggle with IT compliance requirements or just sink in the ridiculous amounts of disparate IT data.

I want to give a big applause to everybody who made this release possible: development teams, marketing, support and everybody who supported the idea from its very inception. I am so happy to partake in building of the future.

As always, great talent and excellent execution yields innovative products.



OnDemand Log Management: Now supporting syslog, agent less collection and more

August 25, 2011

OnDemand Log Management gets exciting new features that help you comply with IT regulations, stay on top of changes to critical IT resources and detect and react to security issues. Continue here.